Hello Internet!

Feature Image is of the lovely tea pots used by Leaf in Liverpool.

Hello! This is just a short post to explain my food blogging intentions…

More and more people are becoming vegetarian and vegan nowadays, and so more and more people are hunting for recipes, products and documentation of veggie experiences to help them along the way! I’ve been pescatarian/vegetarian for a combined 11 years now, LOVE food, and have been wanting to try my hand at blogging on a new topic, so thought a veggie food blog would be perfect! Not to mention, it might actually encourage me to eat more healthily 😉

A lot of my posts will be dedicated to my love of baking and decorating cakes, but since graduating uni and needing to feed myself, I’ve expanded my cooking abilities somewhat so I’ll also upload some tasty savoury recipes too. As time goes on, I also hope to begin reviewing some veggie/vegan products, although I can’t guarantee my ability to compare veggie alternatives to the actual meat product as 11 years is long enough to forget what bacon actually tastes like! But that shouldn’t be necessary, as most products are tasty within their own right, of course.

I hope you like browsing my blog and that you’ll bear with me as I set it up and get a handle on the food blogging scene!


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